PT. Gemilang Ananta
Products & Services
Energy & Industry

Gemilang develops, owns, operates, builds, and manages many Energy and Industry applications. It also designs, finances, builds, owns, and operates combined any kind of applications to fulfill the customer needs

Telcom & Media

Implementation of successful solutions focused on the client’s perspective in order to satisfy current and future requirements.  Gemilang Telco & Media applications are programmed by means of a scripting language that is executed within the appliances.

Security & Defense

We live in a world where it has become increasingly important for government on the national level (i.e. Defense, Homeland Security, Home Office, etc) as well as the local level (i.e. First Responders) to have real time standoff detection and identification of threats of all manner and substance.

Transport & Traffic

Gemilang implemented solutions to manage the applicative transport & traffic and also offer a high availability for critical applications of the company which were optimized through compression and caching techniques.

Financial & Services

There are many large and fast-growing segment of financial services applications that need to get IT solution provider to the banking industry. Gemilang is offering applications such as cover retail, corporate , trade, treasury, payments, cash transaction services and business analytics

Other Products

Gemilang has developed add-on products that support your needs. This page lists software available for people who need solutions. We commit to be partnering with other software vendors that add value to our existing solutions. Our associates take pride in providing our customers with quality products and outstanding services.

Public Administration & Healthcare

Government and public administration organizations also need software such as health care, social service departments, tax related groups, public works, human resources management etc.  Organizations in the public sector support many of the same accounting activities as commercial companies: cash management, analytical report tracking, creating budgets, as well as identifying and tracking operational costs. Gemilang gives solution to provide the public sector needs.

Domain & Hosting

This is domain and hosting by gemilang