PT. Gemilang Ananta
Seminar: Needs of Information Technology in The World of Industry

Information technology (IT) is the main adalan in creating an organization's information systems are resilient and able to produce a competitive advantage in the increasingly fierce competition today. Seminars that explore the needs of IT industry in the world is full pared by Suhandi, Bsc in building A STIKI seminar room on Friday (16/3).


The need for integration solutions within information systems are expected to improve the performance of individual companies and decision makers in the future for the better. The need for integrated solutions include Asset Tracking, Early Warning System, Manage Services, and Software solutions. Speakers in the seminar Mr Suhandi who served as GM IT PT. Pacific Satellite Nusantara when it explained that the needs of IT was inevitable because of the complexity of the business and reporting needs for management. The main challenge in the world of IT professionals is how to generate a variety of information technology products primarily utilize the software and IT companies to solve strategic problems, resulting in a skilled IT professionals to develop the technology in the future. Examples of IT applications include air traffic control and airports, Infrastructure management and transport operators, ticketing and operating help system, traffic control and tools and much more.


On Wednesday and Thursday (14-15/3) and also has held a walk STIKI interview for students and alumni reception following the selection of an employee of PT Pacific Satellite Nusantara which is a private communications satellite company. According to the Alumni Coordinator STIKI, Yulia Diastuti, S.Kom that STIKI through the alumni or companies who have formed a partnership with the campus has always held a walk through the campus interviews directly to PsikoTest selection, technical ability, personality to be directly recruited to the IT staff at the company. In december 2011 and the national banking system that is interviews with prominent Staff recruitment of BCA and Bank Danamon. On Friday (16/3) of this we are also cooperating with Grandmas Hotel for making the race socialization STIKI mascot for students who have the ability to design graphics and animation are contested.


In addition to the above speakers also explain the need for IT in the company's corporate apikasi Indonesia is still very much but very less IT professionals. The company, among others, Energy and Industry, Security and defense, telecommunications and media, public administration and healthcare, financial services. It is currently still very much needed IT Professionals who are able to develop Enterprise application, Application development and Web development.


Meanwhile, the application needs "tools" in the world IT industry, among others, Java for Android OS, Python, PHP and JavaaScript & Visual Basic. Examples of Python applications for security and defense, telecommunications and media, and financial services. According to Chairman STIKI, Eva Handriyantini S.Kom, M.MT that now is the education industry should establish a synergy to establish cooperation in the IT manufacturing applications. Students will gain experience in implementing the new knowledge gained from the campus while the company will get applications that are expected to meet the needs of the necessary information systems applications.


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