Human Resource Management System

deVosa is an integrated Human Resource Management System, into which all of business activities are integrated, is a perfect solution to boost efficiency and is thus able to increase company performance. By using such a system, all Human Resource activities are able to be monitored by top level officers or BOD instantaneously in order to make right and prompt decisions as well as to provide better operational management.

In line with business efficiency improvements, an integrated Human Resource Management System that fully utilizes information technology is required. In general, the benefits of implementing such Management Systems are Reduce Process Time, Improve Productivity, Increase Accuracy, and Improve Reporting Systems Of particular, the main goal is to increase and to maintain operational efficiency, which in turn yields reduction of operational cost as well as increasing of operational quality.

deVosa covers all features commonly needed for human resources management system. Specifically, this product includes but not limited to the following features: Payroll, Employee Data Management, Training, and Career Path Management. Moreover, we are ready to develop and add any additional customized features required by your company.


Module deVosa

Human Resource Management

This module manage employee performance consist of:

  • Recruitment Module, manage recruitment planning, recruitment need, recruitment process and candidate.
  • Career and Development Module, manage training record & Analysis, Employee Warning, Employee Evaluation, Promotion / Mutation and Resignation.
  • Employee Benefit Module, employee benefit, i.e., reimbursement, medical claim, loan and bonus.


Payroll Management

This module manage payroll system consist of :

  • Employee Module, manage personal employee data, curriculum vitae, family data, career history, employee report.
  • Activity Module, manage employee attendance, absence, leave, overtime, shift and business trip.
  • Payroll Module, manage payroll calculation, i.e., general salary setting, employee salary master, salary calculation, salary correction, salary report, tax report.


General Setting

This module manage application setup consist of :

  • Organization Module, manage organization structure, entity data, structural position, function position, salary grade.
  • Working Calendar.
  • Configuration company identity, daily setting, break time, over setting.
  • Religion
  • Facility List
  • Family Status Type


Configuration deVosa


Benefits deVosa

  • Cost Minimization of:
    • Human Resource Administration since the system already integrated and automated
    • IT Investment and Operational cost since SmartU use web technology and license for 1 server (company) with unlimited user and employee
  • Increase speed and improve productivity
  • Use Employee Self Service System to optimize human asset
  • Easy to connected with types of attendance machines
  • Comply with Indonesian Tax Regulation and Environment
  • Less Paper System 7. Multi platform Computer Operating System (UNIX/LINUX, MS WINDOWS, MAC OS).
  • Multi platform database system (PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle).

Most of our customers are multinational companies ranging from Manufacturers, Medical Institutions, Finance Companies and International Hotels. Some of them are: Panasonic Manufacturing (Jakarta), Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis (Jakarta), Detmold Packaging Indonesia (Lippo Cikarang), NSS Indonesia (Cikampek), IBIS Hotel Mangga Dua (Lippo Cikarang), Novotel Hotel (Lampung), etc.


Application Program



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deVosa is an integrated Human Resource Management System, into which all of business activities are integrated, is a perfect solution to boost


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