PT. Gemilang Ananta
Careers in IT: Typical Career Paths

A career in Information Technology is so varied that a leaflet this size can only begin to outline what is available. The technology is fast moving and continually changing – job names and descriptions are never constant. Indeed even within this series of BCS leaflets you may encounter job titles which are either brand new (and not included here) or have now become obsolete, e.g. video/film special effects or games designers.

This leaflet attempts to show some of the more common job titles and how the progression route can be varied as your career progresses.Your Careers Adviser will be able to explain where a current job title fits in this information flow diagram and you can then understand the job’s position in relation to the rest of the IT industry.Once you start your IT career, the British Computer Society has a Continuous Professional Development scheme to encourage you to record your technical and management skills as your career progresses.Other leaflets in this series will explain in more detail what the roles are and what a post holder could expect in a typical working day.