Telcom & Media
Telcom & Media
Gemilang Billing Warnet Online

Online Billing Information System is a billing system that utilizes information technology to help entrepreneurs for controlling and monitoring

Gemilang Caraka

Gemilang Caraka is the solution for the dissemination of information, news or messages to be sent immediately to multiple locations at once. It

Gemilang Hotspot

Hotspot vouchers are vouchers system for Internet service solutions to secure and control internet hotspot easily. This service provides the

Gemilang SMS System

Tendency of SMS usage which progressively expand the open opportunity for the exploiting such as SMS Pooling, SMS Interactive, SMS Reminder or

Gemilang Webdesign

Gemilang Web Design Solution with hands of experience in all levels of outsourcing & designing. We are one of the leading Outsourcing Company

Manage Services

Maintenance, repair, and operations involve fixing any sort of mechanical or electrical device. They also include performing routine actions which

Multimedia Products & Solutions

Planktonlabs is a creative agency consists of award-winning young profesinals, internationally educated designers, motionographers, illustrators,

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