Energy & Industry
Energy & Industry
Gemilang ERP Coal Mining

To keep up with technology and extract coal in coal mining industry as efficiently as possible, modern mining personnel must be highly skills in

Green Plantation

Most of the plantation industries require distributed systems to overcome the problem of poor network or telecommunication infrastructure. The

Gemilang Procurement System

Gemilang Procurement System is a user-friendly, Intranet-based purchasing system that offers electronic purchase of order processing and enhanced

Storage Tank Online Monitoring System (STOMS)

Do you getting tired doing sounding manual in your daily activity?
Do you need an easy ways to  find out the CPO stock in realtime ?

Weighbridge Online (WBO)

Do you wish to control your weigh bridge in remote area ?
How accurate is your weigh bridge data summary ?
Has the data send to the

Green GIS

GIS presented the data very clearly, fast and detail, include the changes that occuring in the estate by displaying a real time live mapping.