PT. Gemilang Ananta
Company Profile

Gemilang Ananta is a reputable ICT Company founded in 1997 by a group of professional, it was originally founded to capitalize the growing demand for IT related to the products and services when the number of companies that served this market was limited. Several of the founders were experienced in Telecommunication Engineering professionals with the same aspiration to contribute in IT solutions. Development and implementation of solutions based on hardware and software that is adapted to the needs and conditions for clients to support efficiency in the management information system or technical communication application solution design , development, implementation, training and maintenance.


In addition, anything has captured the attention of our business as quickly or profoundly as the sustainability agenda, particularly as it relates to profitability and environmental responsibility. Boards of directors at PT Gemilang Ananta are tackling the tough challenge of how to drive profitable growth and, at the same time, have a positive on our employee and communities.


Economical change, as an issue, is as complex as it gets, and the implications have perplexed even the best minds in business, science and academia. Yet the urgent need for organizations to adopt more user-friendly business practices will only grow, and any company that competes globally has an obligation and an economic incentive to be part of the answer.


There is no shortage of ideas about how an organization should approach sustainability. But the increasing clutter of information on the topic makes it difficult to find solutions that really matter in terms of their ability to deliver measurable value.


At PT Gemilang Ananta, we are committed to helping our clients achieve and sustain high performance. We also believe that high performers of the future will be defined, at least in part, by how well they have responded to the opportunities as well as the challenges presented by business change. Therefore we are working closely with our clients to anticipate and understand the specific issues that affect their industries and to processes and respond in a way that drives long-term economic and technical value, while at the same time approaching the broader sustainability agenda in positive, meaningful ways. Our mission are:

  • To provide and develop innovative and quality ICT solutions, services, and human resources which offer the best value to our customers.
  • To provide better quality of life and uphold trust with fairness for the company, customers and employees
  • To drive the company to be professional and commitment for the best.
  • To become the trusted Information Communication Technology (ICT) Company that provides solutions to satisfy customer's needs for ICT related services in both national and regional.


Meanwhile, we have carefully created a team of people with diverse and wide-ranging skills. We consider manpower as our greatest asset; therefore, we nurture a creative learning environment for our employees. The results are efficient, smart and high-quality workforce, low turnover and high employee loyalty. We encourage team work and transparency among our employees, which is an important part of our ethics. All staff members must comply with the company's documented policies, procedures and standards. We are also well established in supporting PSN group and the marketplace, in order to offer our clients an extensive amount of advice and expertise. We strives to be the "one stop IT and Telecommunication services" for development or operation projects, whether re-designing existing one, or building new one from the ground up, depends with the best solution suits for your business. Gemilang Ananta offers a comprehensive range of services starting from strategic consulting to solution design, development, implementation, training and maintenance.


Finally, Gemilang Ananta focuses on sustainability speaks to our strong belief that high-performance businesses should be good corporate citizens. It is part of our character to make a positive difference when it comes to issues that affect the world around us. We are also being very thoughtful in the our actions, both in serving our clients and operating our company, to ensure that we are making investments that will create demonstrable value and better outcomes for our clients, our company, our stakeholders and the communities in which we live and work.